Back Catalogue

I have now added a slideshow of my much older work which I have referred to as my back catalogue. You can find it HERE Looking at some of those pictures, some of which I created over twenty years ago, I was struck by how much they bear out my theory about the way memories are linked to the time and place they were first registered. Every one of those images is significant to me not just because of what I was trying to express (subject, theme, style, meaning) but because of the influencing context of the time and place of their production. For example, the pictures of the life model who often has no head or face, were created in York and I remember vividly that the poor girl fainted during one of the sessions because she stood for too long. I was in a class of several artists who were all drawing her from different positions and perspectives so I guess there should have been a collective responsibility for her well-being but we must all have been so engrossed in capturing her essence that we forgot about the time. If ever there was a case of suffering for art I think that was it. I write this now to acknowledge the huge debt we owe to all those wonderful and unique life artists who do indeed suffer for stillness and still get paid so little.

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