Underwater Art

I’ve just returned from the Grand Cayman with lots of images from the reefs around the north and south coasts of this lovely island. The water was very calm and the sun was intermittently bright and full or partially shielded by soft clouds. The fish turned up on cue and performed acrobatics amongst the coral gardens and nooks and crannies of the plunging reef walls. It was like being in a sweet factory – so many varieties, sizes, shapes, colours and behaviours – and it will take me months to study everything I’ve got and consider how I can use it – so much so that I will be changing my gallery menu so that I can devote one section to underwater art. It’s very exciting to have so much stimulus material to work with. Here are two initial samples:

Puffer Fish Grand Cayman Watermarked
Puffer Fish, Grand Cayman, September 2018

Tarpon Watermarked
Tarpon, Grand Cayman, September 2018

I will also be showcasing pictures of my work in situ so that you can see what they might look like in a living room or a bedroom, for example. Please do keep coming back and visiting as I will be adding images regularly. Clicking the Link to Follow Me will keep you updated with any additions to my web site. I’m also looking forward to connecting my web site to my You Tube Channel. More news on that very soon ….


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