Mediterranean Blue Films

I have a YouTube Channel: Mediterranean Blue Films. I am using it at the moment to showcase my scuba diving videos, which document marine life in some of the most beautiful dive sites around the world. I take an artistic approach to the process of shooting and editing the films so they are not documentaries or any other kind of film genre – they are film art. The channel features a play list of about eight films at present but this will expand as more and more films are uploaded to the channel. The plan is to make some of these available as meditational and sleep-inducing videos or even as screensavers.

Before I became a full-time artist, I was a teacher of Film, Media and English so I have a lot of resources dedicated to teaching students how to plan, shoot, edit and produce short films and how to write in any kind of film genre. I have also taught marketing and advertising, especially social media advertising and my resources include tutorials and manuals on how to use image (still and moving) editing software and publishing software to produce professional marketing and advertising material for print and the web. As the channel grows, these resources will become increasingly available. Please click this link to subscribe to my channel to help this process develop at as fast a rate as possible: Mediterranean Blue Films


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