Welcome to my online gallery where you can browse my paintings and photographs. If you see something you like please do contact me (using the contact form in the menu) for more details about sizes, formats, prices and framing options. I am also very happy to work from commissions. I can show you how my artwork might look on a typical wall and there are examples here, to demonstrate this. I can also work with a picture of any space in your home or office and produce an appropriate piece of artwork that would complement it. Again, I can show you an ‘in-site prototype’ so that you can decide of you like it, before I go ahead and produce the final piece of work for you.

As a fine artist I work in a variety of media including acrylics, oils, pastels, pen and ink, chalk, charcoal and pencil. I have a fairly distinctive style which favours strong, rich colours in realist and non-realist representations of people, animals, landscapes and still-life. I like to work on large canvases with lots of texture and vibrant colour. I have been very inspired and influenced by the landscape of the places I’ve lived (you can read more about this in my biography section) especially the dramatic contrasts to be found in the northern peaks and by the Cornish coastline. Sea colours appear frequently.

Many of my photographs concentrate on specific places that have been memorable to me because of the time and context of their capture and so what I try to do is convey the significance of the scene through its light, tone, colour, texture, composition and framing. I do edit my pictures. I don’t believe that the role of the camera is to capture some kind of absolute truth or reality because even that can be influenced by the features of the camera itself. I believe that the digital image is just the starting point and that the millions of pixels that comprise it can be manipulated in the same way that a painter can mix and apply colour. I use my camera just as I do my sketchpad – to record anything I find interesting or significant in my daily travels – which I can then use as the basis for a photographic composition.

I have grouped my art under categories that I think best defines the work and that I think might be most appealing to anyone looking for a piece of art for their home or office. If you click on any of the pictures you will automatically see a slideshow of all the images in that category (on that web page).

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