The Artist’s Journey

I have just completed a much-needed overhaul of this web site. There are more categories and some of the older works have been consigned to the ‘back catalogue’ making room for all the new works that have yet to be added. When I look back at some of my very old artwork I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand I feel very nostalgic about it, especially as I remember the time, place and context for the production of each piece. A lot of them evoke happy memories of friendships in art colleges and of working in really beautiful studios in stunning locations, for example. On the other hand, I sometimes cringe at how naive some of them look to me now and I find myself contemplating the thought of re-working them but I always stop myself at this point and remind myself that they mark the beginnings of my journey as an artist. It’s only by keeping and seeing them in all their original, rough glory that I can reassure myself that I have matured as an artist.

Trees at Prussia Cove
Trees at Prussia Cove, Cornwall




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